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Lefkada villages: You can visit several villages in Lefkada island Greece



There are several villages to visit in lefkadaThe town of Lefkada Greece is situated in the north-eastern part of the island. The town is the administrative, economic and cultural centre of the island. It has a population of approximately 8.000 inhabitants. Their main occupation is agriculture and tourism.
It is a small town built around a busy harbour. The island of Lefkada was devastated by a terrible earthquake in 1948 and in 1953 and very few monuments, except from the churches, are still standing today. The most important of these monuments is the fortress of Aghia Maura. It was built around 1300 by the Frankish for protection against the pirate’s raids. It was originally the island’s capital, with houses, schools and offices…

The town, after the earthquakes of the 20th century, has been rebuilt in a unique architecture. The people made their houses with wooden skeleton and coloured sheet of metal, hoping they would withstand the future earthquakes. This unique kind of construction makes the town very attractive. As the buildings are situated the one next to the other in narrow pedestrian alleys, the town offers the possibility of really pleasant walks.

The capital of Lefkada
lefkada villages

The town is linked with the mainland by a narrow channel and at the entrance to the harbour, there is a small square planted with trees. This part of the town is surrounded by many hotels, cafes and shops. Another lively part of the town is the harbour’s central square, Agios Spyridon and the arcades street of Ioannou Mela.

The square took it name after the 17th century Church Of Saint Spyridon which is located there. The town also has others churches: the 18th century church of Aghios Nikolaos, the 17th century church of Agios Dimitrios, the 18th century church of Pantokrator, the 18th century church of the Presentation of the Virgin, the monastery of Panagia Faneromeni and some others. Many of these churches house amazing works from the Ionian School of Painting.

The town of Lefkada has also some museums: the Archaeological Museum which is situated in Faneromeni Street and exhibits finds from various sites on the island, the Folklore Museum and the Gramophone Museum.

The central bus station is situated in Odos Golemi opposite to the yacht marina, on the eastern waterfront, with services to almost all villages and beach resorts.

The village of Nidri
The town of Nidri is the most popular resort of Lefkada and attracts thousands of visitors every summer. It situated 17 km southeast of the island’s capital and has a population of approximately 800 inhabitants.

It is a cosmopolitan town with a beautiful beach of crystal waters and a great view over the islets of Heloni, Scorpio, Sparti, Scorpidi and Madouri.

The beach offers all kind of facilities. The town has a charming little port crowded with luxury yachts, sailboats and caiques (small fishing boats).

Many events are organised every summer. The area offers a large range of hotels, tavernas and many cafes, bars and clubs.

The town also has a small museum and one can see the remains of a prehistoric settlement, an aqueduct and circular tombs, just outside the town.


The famous beach resort of VassilikiVassiliki is situated 38 km south from the island’s capital and has a population of approximately 400 inhabitants. It is a picturesque fishing harbour located in a verdant area that has recently become a summer resort. The town offers a long pebble beach and many other smaller ones. The area is world known as a spot for windsurfing. Every day, a thermal wind is created, offering perfect conditions to practice the sport. The beach has some windsurfing clubs with rentals possibilities. Small laser sailboats and catamaran are also available.
The area offers a large range of accommodations, camping sites, tavernas, shops, café and bars. Some of the hotels are located on the beach and are equipped with special facilities for windsurfers and their material. Vassiliki has a little port with boats that effectuate daily departures to the islands of Ithaki and Kefalonia. Caiques (small fishing boats turned into tourist transportation during the summer) make daily trips to the famous beaches and to some others only accessible by boat.

Agios Nikitas village

Agios Nikitas is situated 12 km west of the island’s capital and has a population of approximately 100 inhabitants.

It is a traditional and picturesque fishing village which has become one of the most popular summer resorts of the island.

It is built amphitheatrically in a beautiful natural area with many olive groves and offers a small family beach.

The settlement is located near the most beautiful golden sandy beaches of the island where the water looks as if the blue colour of the sea was mixed with bleaching water.

The little village of Agios Nikitas offers a large range of accommodations, tavernas, bars, shops, markets, etc…


Kalamitsi is a small village situated 23 km southeast of Lefkada. It stands on a green slope with an incredible panoramic view, is one of the oldest villages of Lefkas and has thirteen windmills. The village was built at that altitude in order to avoid the pirate’s raids. The area has many churches. The most famous is the little chapel of Panagia stous Kipous(Virgin in the Gardens).

Karia is a mountainous village situated 14 km southwest of Lefkada town. It is one of the most important villages of Lefkada with approximately 1.000 inhabitants. The village is located in an area abundant in water and trees. The village is built is the local architectural style and is one of the few places on the island where the traditions and customs are still respected.
The village is known for its fine embroidered work with old traditional motives. These artworks are exhibited in a small Folk Museum. Every 11th of August, a representation of a local traditional wedding takes place.


Poros is situated 25 km south of Lefkada on the green slopes of a hill not far from the sea. It has a population of 300 inhabitants. The village is built amphitheatrically and has some attractive two-storey tile-roofed houses in charming narrow alleys. The village has a beautiful church, the church of Analipsi with hagiographies and icons dated from the 17th century.
In the area, there are two interesting sites to visit: An olive press and the ruins of a castle of the 4th century B.C. A few kilometres from the village, one can find the small fishing harbour of Mikros Yialos with some beautiful beaches.


The village of Sivota is situated 33 km south of the island’s capital, in the bay of the same name. It is a picturesque fishing harbour that gets crowded with sailing yachts during the summer. The beach is lined by some tavernas serving fresh sea food.






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