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Lefkada Museums: Discover the several museums of the island of Lefkada, Greece

  The archaeological museum of Lefkada
Lefkada MuseumsThe archaeological museum of Lefkada Greece is situated in the town of Lefkada, in Faneromeni Street.
The museum exhibits finds that were discovered by the German archaeologist Dorpfeld in the sites of Nidri, Evgiros, Kariotes and other various sites.

The collection includes sculptures, vases, statues, ecclesiastic pieces and many more interesting finds. The most important exhibits of the museum are: a sauceboat dated to the Early Bronze Age (3.000-1.900 B.C.), a decorated vase used as a funerary urn and dated to the first half of the 3rd century B.C., and a clay statuette of a female figure dated to the second half of the 3rd century B.C.

Even if most of the finds of Lefkada are housed in the museum of Athens and Ioannina, the archaeological museum of Lefkada is still the most interesting museum of the island.

More information at the website of the Greek Ministry of Culture: here

The Folklore museum of Lefkada

The Folklore museum is situated near the church of Agios Spyridon, in Lefkada town.

It was founded by the “Orpheus” musical association.

The museum exhibits old photographs and maps of the island, dolls in traditional costumes, hand-woven articles, house utensils, a model of an olive press and a windmill.

The museum has also recreated a traditional room with all the every day utensils.

The Museum of Gramophones
The museum of Gramophones is situated in the town of Lefkada.

The museum doesn’t have only gramophones, but also gathers objects related to life on the island.

The museum exhibits jewels, coins, embroidery, photographs of the old town and musical instruments.






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