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Lefkada island Greece: a great variety of Lefkada local products

    Lefkada Greece is known of the traditional embroideries of Karia called “karpeto” and “mantanies”.

Lefkada is a fertile island and has a variety of agricultural products. The island produces high quality olive oil, wine, citrus, honey, almonds and fish.


The food on the island of Lefkada is similar to the other islands of the Ionians with small variations and some local specialities. The specialities of Lefkada are:

Lefkada local products - The traditional dish of “Eglouvis lentils”
- The “salami”
- The beverage “soumada”
- The “savoro”, fish with herbs, raisins and garlic
- The fish dish “aliada”
- Sweets like the nougat “mandolata” and the “pasteli”(sweat of honey and sesame)

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