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The festivals of Lefkada Greece: Discover the ultimate festival in Lefkada island

Anniversary of the unification 21 May. Lefkada Town Festival celebrating the anniversary of the union of Lefkada with the newly built Greek State in 1864.
Feast of Agios Spiridon 12 December. Karia,
Lefkada Town
Lefkada town organise a concert for the celebration of the Saint Patron of the island.
Meeting of the Philharmonics 19-21 July Musical manifestations of the Philharmonics band of Corfu.
Representation of the traditional wedding of Lefkada 11 August. KARIA Revival of the traditional wedding with decorating of the bride, wedding procession, ceremony, and lastly celebration revelry.

“Celebration of Language and Art” August. LEFKADA Events organised by the Town Hall of Lefkada dedicated to the works of important people of literature and art with lectures, performances, exhibitions and traditional dances.
International Folklore festival August  Festival with traditional dances and songs from all over the world.

On the first Sunday of the Festival a parade takes place in which take part all dance groups.
Feast of Virgin Mary 15th August Ligia and Vassiliki.
“Valaoritia” 20 July. NIDRI A festival organised by the cultural society of “Odissys”
Feast of Agia Kyriaki 7 July Nidri and Vliho Festival celebrating the anniversary of the union of Corfu with the newly built Greek State.
Feast of the Holy Fathers 1st Sunday after the ascension of the Saviour. NIKIANAS  

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