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Lefkada architecture: Discover the architecture of the beautiful island of Lefkada Greece

    Architectural overview:
In 1948, a major earthquake destroyed the largest part of Lefkada Island, therefore, only a few examples of the Lefkadian architecture have survived.

The architecture of Lefkada Greece was mainly influenced by the West civilisations and particularly by the Venetians.

The houses were imposing doubled-storey or three-storey arcaded constructions like in the other towns of the Ionians.

Due to the islandís proximity with the mainland, Lefkada has also elements of the post-Byzantine traditions that can be seen in the many churches.

Today, the architecture style of the islandís capital is something unique. Due to the constant threat of the earthquakes, after the destructions of 1948, the houses, in the hope they would withstand the earthquakes, were built of wooden skeleton and coloured sheet of metal.

The architecture of Lefkada

The multicoloured houses of the town are lined in narrow alleys and make a very attractive overall.
The numerous earthquakes have also influenced the churchesí architectures.

The island has numerous churches and monasteries which are built in various architectural styles.

Most of them have wooden skeletons and the belfries were made of metal girders. The churches architectural style is impressive and of unique beauty.

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